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Service / Plan your kitchen

How to measure your kitchen

Walls and floors

Measure from the floor to the ceiling.

The distance between walls.

From the corners to the doors. 

Doors and windows

Measure the size of doors and windows, as well as the height and distance of each from the floor, ceiling, and edges. 

Sockets, switches, water connections, etc

So you’ve measured the big stuff. Now it’s time to look at the details. Note the location of existing electrical sockets, switches, water, and gas connections. Remember that these can be moved to suit your new kitchen. Mark down the approximate position of where you would like these new outlets, switches, and connections to be placed.

Kitchen Planning - Example measurements

Remember it doesn't need to be a masterpiece, just sufficient information for us to draw a kitchen plan.

Sending us your measurements

You may be happy to design your own kitchen once you have accurately measured your kitchen space. If you would rather have some professional help and advice please send us your measurements and we can talk you through the design process. 

It is as simple as taking a photo of your kitchen measurements and emailing them to us via your phone. Make sure all measurements are clear before sending.

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