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Tapware Products Warranty Statement

The following Warranty Statements apply to tapware products supplied by Craft Development Ltd to customers in the New Zealand market. This is in addition to Craft Development Ltd's responsibility to customers under all other statutory and regulatory requirements.This Warranty Statement is applicable only to products purchased from Craft Development Ltd,New Zealand.

General Warranty Statement:

The following Warranty Statement only applies to tapware, supplied to customers in the New Zealand market.The Warranty Statement does not apply to any other products sold from Craft Development Ltd.In addition to any other right or remedy that the purchaser or end user may have under any relevant consumer protection legislation, Craft Development Ltd. undertakes to replace (at its discretion) the tapware product at an equivalent value of the product purchased if it is discovered that the product contains a material defect which arose in the course of manufacture. (excluding labour and freight costs).


Domestic/Residential Installations:

A 2 year warranty applies to all Tapware Products used in domestic/residential installations from date of purchase. (excluding labour and freight costs).

Commercial Installations:

A 1-year warranty applies to Tapware Products, from date of purchase used in hotels, motels and rest homes. (excluding labour, packaging and freight costs.

For all other commercial installations, a 12-month warranty applies to Tapware Products from date of purchase, and the warranty excludes labour, packaging and freight costs.


Warranty Conditions:

Tapware products domestic/residential installations warranty and commercial installations warranty are subject to the following conditions:

  • The product must not contain excessive debris (in-line filters must be installed)

  • Proof of purchase (such as invoice or receipt) has to be provided.

  • Installation instructions must be followed. This includes operating conditions specified for temperature and pressure.

  • The product must not have been tampered with or repaired in any way other than in accordance with this warranty.

  • The product must not have been damaged by misuse, accident or neglect.

  • Harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners must not have been used on the product.

  • The product must have been installed in accordance with the relevant New Zealand Building/Plumbing Codes by a certified plumber.


If the above conditions are not met, the warranty will be null and void.Craft Development Ltd. shall in no way be liable to the purchaser or end user of product for any loss, damage (direct, indirect or consequential), cost or expense suffered or incurred by that person (including, without limitation, any damage and/or labour charges incurred in installation or replacement), other than as provided in the above provisions, under any relevant consumer protection legislation or as consented to by Craft Development Ltd. in writing in advance.

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